EU in talks about lithium with Argentina

HTX Energy researcher estimate that demand for lithium from Argentina will multiply by ten times by the year 2030.

The EU have been recently having meetings with Argentinian officials about increasing access to critical elements such as lithium which is an essential material for the batteries of electric vehicles.

The search of more “eco friendly” materials has been spurred on by the need to comply with the EU's less carbon-intensive economy guidelines.

Trade agreements

According to the European Commission such preliminary understandings could begin to be signed in a few months and it is possible to make them extensive to other South American associations.

“The strategic associations will enable both sides to jointly develop investment projects in sustainable commodities value chains, and at the same time reinforce specifically research and innovation projects,” said a member of the EC.

Sustainable futures

The Energy Secretariat in Argentina confirmed that the government is working in a memorandum with the EU to help the country develop in a sustainable way its exploration and metal processing plants. This apparently refers to some 42 primary sources of minerals including the sought after lithium.

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