HTX Energy pursue fast charging lithium-ion batteries

Researchers show that lithium ions in a specific polymer creates an extremely fast charging battery.

Researchers at HTX Energy have synthesized a lithium polymer binder for graphite anodes to help improve Li-ion diffusion and lower impedance compared to conventional batteries.

“Lithium-ion batteries dominate among energy storage and improving battery performance is a constantly developing research field” - Commented a research scientist at HTX labs, Argentina.

Super fast charging batteries.

For fast-charging ability in batteries to work, researchers must enhance the mass transfer of electrolytes and charge transfer in electrodes. Using a specialist binder material leads to high conductivity, low impedance, and good stability. Overall a much faster charging and longer lasting battery.

"The binder material includes highly dissociable lithium borate, which improves lithium-ion diffusion in the anode matrices" explains HTX researchers.

When charging of batteries surpass there limit, Li plating occurs on graphite electrodes. This leads to reduced battery life and limiting fast charge capability. With increasing research into battery performance through the high-rate chargeable battery technology, people will enjoy electric vehicles and mobile devices for longer.

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