HTX Energy first quarter highlights

Today, HTX Energy reported a year-over-year revenue growth of 8.5% for the first quarter of fiscal 2023, driven primarily by an increase in production volumes.

Lithium concentrate remains in exceptionally high demand at the moment driven by international EV adoption and the paradigm shift toward global electrification. In the report it demonstrates how HTX Energy hit estimated targets by expanding its lithium footprint in Argentina by over 3.6% in the first quarter.

Report Highlights

- 2.6 Million USD funding for the research department in February.
- Improvement in the shut down processes when updating machinery.
- Direct lithium extraction technology implementation start.
- Reduced operating costs relative to the new improvements.
- Permits for pre-production of battery-grade lithium hydroxide.

The HTX Energy CEO stated, “Every action is focused on building a world class lithium resource in Argentina. We are confident that these accomplishments will translate into significant growth in shareholder equity.”

Targets for the remaining of 2023

HTX will use our current drill exploration program to guide a robust in-fill drill program that will build maximum resource from 13 or more spodumene rich pegmatite dykes.

Airborne geophysics will be used to deliver high-resolution subsurface images over 100% of our lithium properties. This technology will help us define the shape, size, and distribution of potential spodumene rich pegmatite dykes.

Metallurgical testing and delivery of our first batch of battery-grade lithium hydroxide enables the company to credibly engage with the major EV and lithium battery manufacturers. Off-take agreements and possible strategic investments can then be explored.

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