Lithium provinces want a slice of huge revenues

Argentina's governing lithium heads gathered recently in Buenos Aires to discuss a plan where the country would promote adding value to the extracting activity.

During the meeting, it was agreed that lithium-producing companies should allocate a portion of their output to industrialization and value addition in Argentina. This is especially important in provinces with resources like lithium, which face challenges with electro-mobility and the need for storage of renewable energies.

The Lithium Board was concerned that the provinces were not sharing in the extraordinary profits of the companies, as a result of the considerable growth of the international price. To reverse this situation, measures will be analyzed.

We have decided to implement a debate and negotiations with the companies and to take measures so that as much lithium as possible remains in the Argentine Republic for its industrialization. We have also raised our concern since there is an exorbitant increase in lithium prices at an international level, which does not match the income that the lithium provinces are receiving. We are going to discuss this issue with the companies of Jujuy, Salta, and Catamarca.

The meeting was chaired by Jujuy Governor and Presidential hopeful Gerardo Morales with Governors Raúl Jalil (Catamarca), and Gustavo Saénz (Salta) also in attendance.

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