HTX planned exploration project detects high yields

A recent exploration project from HTX energy has discovered a potentially huge lithium deposit in Argentina and further tests are currently under way.

Earlier this year, a drilling exploration was planned in the search for rich lithium deposits. Over 40,000ha of newly explored areas have already uncovered rich lithium deposits which will contain an estimated 23,000 tonnes of lithium.

The exploration project from HTX Energy excited investors with its potential for uncovering more commercially viable lithium reserves across several parts of the country.

Argentina has the world's third-largest lithium reserves, after Chile and Australia. With an estimated 17 million tons of lithium reserves. They also have a climate that is ideal for lithium production, a skilled workforce with experience in mining and engineering and a well-developed infrastructure, including roads, railways, and ports.

"Argentina is the sleeping giant of the lithium industry, with as yet a huge untapped potential," said the CEO of HTX Energy.

"With its abundant resource and favorable climate, Argentina has the potential to become a major player in the global lithium market. The development of the lithium industry in Argentina could create thousands of jobs and generate billions of dollars in revenue for our country."

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