The goal of HTX Energy is to bring lithium projects in Argentina and the South Americas into production. As the largest new brine operation in more than 20 years, Cauchar-Olaroz is moving closer to first production in Argentina, while Pastos Grandes, which is close by, signifies regional expansion. Sustainably developing future sources of high-quality lithium chemicals to fuel the global transition to a low-carbon economy.

Lithium Mining Importance to Argentina

Argentina’s mining industry, especially its lithium mining industry, is still undeveloped. It only started in earnest in the 1990s. The mining industry also required revamping of Argentina’s work and labor laws to make the work environment safer for potential mining workers. Since the 90s, employers have taken these implementations seriously and are working their way to employing more of Argentina’s workforce. With the importance of lithium in modern times, there is a high probability that the Argentine mining industry will expand as lithium becomes more important in everyday life.

Argentina’s lithium resources are vital to its economy and the global supply chain. Its lithium production accounts for 16% of the overall global lithium production. Argentina’s mining industry only accounts for 0.6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) while the government hopes to increase its contribution to at least 3% in the coming years. An increased contribution by the mining industry is well on its way as Posco begins operations in lithium mining in Argentina.

The goal of HTX Energy is to bring lithium projects in Argentina and the South Americas into production. As the largest new brine operation in more than 20 years, Cauchar-Olaroz is moving closer to first production in Argentina, while Pastos Grandes, which is close by, signifies regional expansion. Sustainably developing future sources of high-quality lithium chemicals to fuel the global transition to a low-carbon economy.


HTX Energy' expanding staff reflects the variety of the communities where we will be operating as a result of international projects moving into production. Our most valuable resource is our workforce. We encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion and understand how critical it is to create a welcoming workplace that emphasizes a feeling of community. Through partnerships and outside efforts, we are dedicated to furthering diversity initiatives outside the workplace. We have joined the largest CEO-driven business commitment to promote measurable action and significant change in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, the coalition for CEO action on diversity and inclusion. 

Social Responsibility

Building strong relationships with the local communities in every area where we operate and creating shared value is a priority for HTX Energy. At Caucharí-Olaroz, a Social Responsibility Plan was developed to incorporate best practices to minimize the impact of its operations on local communities and the environment. The company entered into agreements with aboriginal communities located proximate to Caucharí-Olaroz that aim to promote social development through high quality job creation, training, access to medical assistance and other infrastructure.


We have integrated oversight of ESG matters into our governance structure, with primary oversight at the Board level being delegated to the Governance, Nomination, Compensation and Leadership Committee for corporate governance-related matters, and to the Environment, Sustainability, Safety and Health Committee for environmental, sustainability and social matters, along with safety and health matters.

The two committees review policies and implement initiatives in consultation with our management team, including the CEO and President, the CFO, the Corporate Secretary and the Senior Director, Investor Relations and ESG.

David la Monda

David has worked in the mining and metals sector for more than forty years in a variety of roles, including field geologist, finance, and venture capital. David is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of HTX Energy.

Christian Martez

Christian is the Chief Operations Officer. With 18 years of experience in Logistical Operations, Supply Chain and Procurement. He earned an Executive Masters Degree of Business Administration & Management in 2002.

Samuel Niento

Our Senior Technical Consultant Samuel has 20 years of experience in mining and chemical processing operations. With a masters’s degree in chemical engineering Samuel is brain of the processing operation.

Fabio Hernandes

Fabio is the Chief Commercial Officer at HTX. He has an MBA in finance and previously served as CCO of a leader in industrial monitoring sector. He has over 12 years of business development and strategy leadership experience.

Argentina - Our current Projects

Caucharí-Olaroz is expected to be the next low-cost brine lithium carbonate project in Argentina. Pastos Grandes is located in Argentina’s lithium triangle in proximity to Caucharí-Olaroz, representing regional growth opportunity for Lithium Americas


Argentina's upcoming low-cost brine lithium carbonate project is anticipated to be Cauchar-Olaroz.


Project Summary

North-west Argentina's Jujuy Province is home to Cauchari-Olaroz. The Project is located near the Olaroz facility of Orocobre Ltd., which has been in operation since 2015, in the Salar de Olaroz and Salar de Cauchari. Major paved highways, a national and international rail link that connects to the port of Antofagasta in Chile, a high-voltage electricity system, and a gas pipeline are just a few of the neighboring amenities that Cauchari-Olaroz can take advantage of.

There are two separate processes in the manufacturing process, which is generally compatible with other well-known brine operations. In the first phase, lithium is concentrated in the brine by a solar evaporation process, and competing salts are precipitated in huge ponds. The ponds at Cauchari-Olaroz are based on the pond design standards employed by SQM in their current Atacama operation, and they utilise shallow ponds with an annual harvest of precipitated salt from the flat pond base. The second phase makes use of the processing equipment to convert the concentrated lithium brine into battery-grade lithium carbonate while making sure that the finished product is impurity-free.

Pastos Grandes

Pastos Grandes is located in Argentina’s lithium triangle, representing regional growth opportunities.


Project Summary

The Pastos Grandes lithium project, situated in Salta, Argentina, currently encompasses more than 12,619 hectares of the Salar de Pastos Grandes. The project's previous owner, Millennial Lithium, committed approximately C$40 million to explore and develop it until being purchased by Lithium Americas in December 2021. This resulted in a Feasibility Study in 2019.

Exploration and development work included 22 exploration/monitoring wells, 4 pumping test production wells, pilot ponds, a pilot plant as well as a year-round camp supported by a hybrid solar power system.An Environmental Impact Assessment-Exploitation for construction and operation of a 24,000 tonne per year battery-quality lithium carbonate production facility was approved in June 2020, and a Declaracion de Impacto Ambiental (DIA) from the Environmental and Mining Authority in Salta Province, Argentina was issued.

Investor Relations

Our projects are guaranteed to have a longer life, lower cost for operation and still produce the highest quality products on the market. Our growth strategy makes us well positioned for sucess and we try to provide detailed company information to our shareholders on a regular basis.

The HTX Energy yearly lithium production.

News & Publications

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newsplaceholder Mar 2024

Research into sustainable processing

Lithium, the "white gold" powering our electric revolution, faces challenges in its extraction and processing.
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newsplaceholder Feb 2024

Current lithium market review

Argentina has the second-largest reserves globally. Argentina currently ranks 3rd in lithium production, with output climbing 6% in 2023.
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newsplaceholder Jan 2024

HTX Energy yearly projections for 2024

At the heart of the HTX Energy strategy lies aggressive exploration. In 2024, the company aims to significantly expand its land holdings.
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newsplaceholder Dec 2023

Research grant for recycling processes

Argentinian lithium company HTX Energy has secured a $1.5 million grant from the Argentina Renewable Energy Association (AREA).
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newsplaceholder Nov 2023

HTX Report on lithium boom in Argentina

HTX Energy is one of Argentina's leading producers of lithium, a critical mineral used in batteries for electric vehicles.
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newsplaceholder Oct 2023

Huge investment in upcoming project

HTX Energy CEO today announced that a US$100 million investment into new lithium projects in Argentina will happen.
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newsplaceholder Sep 2023

Latest Upgrades to Increase Production

HTX Energy today announced the completion of its latest upgrades to its lithium mining operations, which will increase porductivity by 20%.
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newsplaceholder Aug 2023

HTX planned exploration project detects high yields

A recent exploration project from HTX energy has discovered a potentially huge lithium deposit in Argentina and further tests are currently under way.
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newsplaceholder July 2023

Equipment offering for new government plant

HTX Energy, Argentina have offered the government new machinery and supplies for their plan to launch a lithium ion battery plant in September.
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newsplaceholder June 2023

HTX Energy first quarter highlights

Today, HTX Energy reported a year-over-year revenue growth of 8.5% for the first quarter of fiscal 2023, driven primarily by an increase in production volumes.
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newsplaceholder May 2023

EU in talks about lithium with Argentina

In a recent report released from a HTX researcher estimated that the demand for lithium from Argentina will multiply by up to ten times by the year 2030.
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newsplaceholder April 2023

Science department receives research funding

HTX Energy will be providing funds of up to 2.6 million USD to its scientific research department for lithium-ion battery research and development.
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newsplaceholder March 2023

HTX pursue fast charging lithium-ion batteries

Researchers show that lithium ions in a specific polymer casing can create an extremely fast charging battery and longer life increasing efficiency.
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newsplaceholder February 2023

Lithium provinces want a slice of huge revenues

Argentina's governing lithium heads gathered recently in Buenos Aires to discuss a plan where the country would promote adding value to the extracting activity.
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newsplaceholder January 2023

Energy exploration project gets funding

HTX Energy intends to launch a lithium exploration project by the end of this year under a plan to become one of Argentina’s top suppliers of lithium.
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newsplaceholder December 2022

End of year donation to local charity

HTX Energy has decided to end the year with some community outreach to provide a range of donations for a local charity in Buenos Aries.
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newsplaceholder November 2022

Staff attend Latin America lithium summit

The Argentina and Latin Lithium Summit recently announced that a meeting is intended to take place in Buenos Aries in November this year.
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newsplaceholder October 2022

Importing EU specialist equipment

Topics like sustainability when mining and discovering resources are very important to organisations such as HTX.
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newsplaceholder September 2022

Lithium rush gathers pace in Argentina

In the remote northern province of Salta, Argentina, machinery pumping salt-water brine to extract lithium is a common sight.
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newsplaceholder August 2022

Increased production with refined processes

The HTX research team is exploring new extraction processes that could lead to a 2.3% increase in production.
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newsplaceholder July 2022

Argentina set for large lithium market growth

Recent years have seen a surge in the metal lithium, coveted for its ability to make batteries for electric vehicles.
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newsplaceholder June 2022

Lithium export has reference price set

The Argentinian government has set an official reference price for exports of lithium carbonate, intending to increase transparency in the sector.
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newsplaceholder May 2022

Plans To Raise Money For Lithium Projects.

HTX Energy is the owner of new multiple early stage lithium projects in Argentina’s lithium triangle.
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newsplaceholder April 2022

Argentina government introduce mining incentives

The Argentine government will be introducing new incentives to grow the Lithium mining sector over the next decade.
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newsplaceholder March 2022

Application for project acquisition

HTX Energy acquisitions team recently applied to bid for an upcoming available lithium mining project location situated in the Lithium Triangle in Argentina, South America.
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